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You are looking for high quality at the lowest price but you are not looking for “cheap” wine that is both low in price and quality. Become familiar with the names of wine makers so that you know those that speak of quality without looking.

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When it comes to wine, choosing the right one can sometimes create a challenge. Should you choose red or white? When and why? Certainly there is protocol such as red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat, but is that always necessary? Some people prefer to simply serve their wine of choice without worrying about choosing a wine to go with a particular meal and though that may be fine in most cases, there are times when it might not be acceptable. For instance, a red fruity wine with fish may cause a metallic taste if the wine includes tannin. That means if you want to serve red wine with fish you have to make sure you choose one that does not include tannin.

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WineSpec is the premier source for Top Rated Wines. We have one of the largest selections of Rare and Vintage wines, both Domestic and Imported.

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