2017 Pinot Bianco Eichorn Manincor

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March 2019

The Pinot Bianco ‘Eichorn’ highlights the quality level that is attainable these days in the Alto Adige region of north east Italy. Known locally as ‘Weissburgunder’, the Pinot Bianco grape grown at the cool, breezy Eichorn site at 300 metres altitude produces a style that combines distinctive Alpine and Mediterranean flavours. Aromas of ripe apple and white blossom lead to a tangy delicious mineral finish. An unmissable high quality white.



Manincor is one of the greatest producers from this superb region whose wines Gambero Rosso describes as ‘uniquely sophisticated and elegant’. Manincor literally translates to ‘hand on heart’ and dates back 400 years as a wine estate. Its current owner, Count Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, took over from his uncle in 1991, and decided to start bottling their own wines rather than selling their grapes to the local co-operatives. In order to do so, much investment needed to be done which included the building of a state-of-the-art winery. Today, it boasts not only one of the sleekest cellars that we have seen but they are also fully biodynamic as they believe they need to give back to the vineyards in order to preserve the highest quality of their fruit. They even have their own beehives to help pollinate the vines as well as produce their own wooden barrels and vats from their own oak forest! Truly delicious, these wines are well worth discovering.


Alto Adige, Italy

Alto Adige is one of Italy’s hidden gems. Situated at the foot of the Dolomites, it is a region of incredible beauty and diversity, where the beaming diurnal sun is accompanied by cool and breezy evenings. This contrast creates ample, expressive wines that are capable of attaining excellent ripeness yet still remain incredibly fresh, elegant and moderate in alcohol. There are very few regions in the world that can naturally capture these elements with such ease year-in and year-out. Antonio Galloni of Parker’s Wine Advocate has described Alto Adige as ‘The Pearl of Italy’ and ‘one of the most spectacular in all of Italy’ which remains ‘largely undiscovered’.


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