Wine storage

How to Store Wine

For those who do not have the luxury of having a wine cellar, it’s important to make sure you know how to store any wine you have. Not all wine needs to be stored in the refrigerator nor does it have to be standing or lying flat. In fact some wines maintain their life better if they are in the refrigerator on their side. On the other hand other wines are better in a wine storage rack or in a wine cellar. It depends on the particular wine, so you must make sure you know the storage recommendations for each wine you buy. 


Any wine is very sensitive and as such requires a great deal of care. That means storing it properly and at the proper temperature. In most cases a wine cabinet is perfect because it is designed to hold wine in the proper position, but you may need to make sure you store it at the proper temperature. The type of wine you are storing will determine the proper storing procedure, and it is essential you follow that process perfectly in order to keep your wine at the proper temperature for the longest life.


If you keep a great deal of wine, you may want to make the investment and make sure that all of your wines will be stored together and at the proper temperature to keep them fresh. You can then bring them out as necessary for placement in the refrigerator when you are ready to open the bottles.

Access to the finest wines

Although many people don’t become overly concerned about what wine they serve with dinner, the reality of it is that the proper wine choice will complement your dinner. If you have a favorite wine that you always have on hand, you are certainly free to serve it with your dinner but if you want to have a great party that is going to receive rave reviews, you want to make sure you have the right wine to go with the meal you are serving.

Best price

In both your red and white wines you want to make sure you have both dry and fruity varieties since some meals go better with each one. Don’t attempt to second guess what you might need but have several bottles of each type of wine so that you don’t have to buy more because your party menu is different than what you usually prepare. We provide probably the best prices on the market for a selected wines.

Spread the cost

If wines are purchased In Bond, payment of Duty and VAT is not required until delivery is taken. Investment is one reason to buy in bond; you can’t do much about the state of the fine wine market, but you can look after your wine. 

Wines in bond are stored in an authorised bonded warehouse. Often, wine brokers and merchants will buy wine in bond because it saves having to pay VAT and Duty on the wines if they are most likely going to be resold.


There are plenty of benefits to buying wine under bond, but it doesn’t mean that this is the best option for every collector, especially those who plan on drinking the wine they own. If you want to drink your bottles someday, you’ll end up paying more money if you buy under bond due to the bonded warehouse’s storage fees.